4 Ways to Track Your Lost Phone

4 Ways to Track Your Lost Phone

Smartphones are compact, slim, and easy to use. Some people have a tendency to lose their phones wherever they go. They lose their phone in the office, in their car.

It is fine when you lose it in your home or your office because you will get it back. But if you lose it in a public place, it will get picked by others.

There are only a few good people who will kindly return your phone. Others will reboot it and use it as their own. Apart from losing a phone, it can also get stolen.

When to travel to a crowded place, you have to be really careful. There are thieves roaming around such places and looking for a wallet or phone.

Once they get their hands on your phone, you can say goodbye to it. But now smartphones are built on the latest technology. If you take some actions, you can quickly locate your smartphone.

There are various methods by which you can locate your lost phone. In this article, we will show you four ways to track your phone. You can use any of these ways if your phone gets lost or stolen.

Importance of Phone Tracking

Here is a list of the importance of tracking a phone.

  • Find lost phone: You can quickly locate the phone if you lose it at any place.
  • Find the stolen phone: You can also find your phone if it gets stolen. You have to acts fast because if they reboot or format your phone, you cannot find it.
  • Protect data: By tracking your phone, you will be able to protect the private data and information inside it.
  • Kidnapping: Phone tracking can also help in the kidnapping. Many kidnapping cases have been solved by tracking the phone.

Four Ways to Track The Lost Phone

Here we will show you four different ways to track your last phone. You can use one or multiple options to track your phone location and locate it.

The Truth Spy

The Truth Spy
The Truth Spy

It is actually a spying app, but you can use it to track location as well. Many people use this spying app in their own phones to track the location and to maintain a backup of the data. This app is compatible with iPhone as well as Android. You can use it to monitor both phones.

You have to install this app on the android phone to use it. For iPhone, you can use the cloud details to use the app once the setup is done. You can go to the GPS location tracker option to track the location of your lost phone.


It will help you to track the live location of the phone along with past locations. You can get information like Latitude, longitude, current address along with date and time. Moreover, you can also track the location on Google Maps. You can follow the map to get to that location. This app provides a 100% accurate location.

Find My Device

Find My Device
Find My Device

If you have lost an android phone, this is the best option for you. Google Play provides Find My Device feature, which you can use to track the location of your android phone. Google supports this feature. By using these features, you can remotely locate your phone. You need to follow all these steps to locate your phone.

Download Find My Device at:

The first thing you need to do is go to Play Store and search for Find my Device application.

Once you find the application, you can download it in your phone.

If you don’t want to download it, you can make use of the phone settings.

It would help if you went to the settings option. There it would help if you chose security after that enables the remote location of the device.

Once you have done all this, you can locate your device anytime you want.

Now, if your phone gets lost or stolen, all you need to do is visit the find my device website.

There you will see various options. Go to the device and choose the device you want to track.

Now, you will get the location of the phone is Google Maps.

You can zoom in the map to check the accurate location.

Apart from location phone, you can call on your phone, lock your phone and clear all the data from the phone as well—all these things you can do remotely.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone

Like Android, you can also find your lost iPhone. This method is only for Apple users. To make sure you can locate your device, you have to make some changes in the settings.

Download Find My iPhone at:

First, you need to open your iPhone and go to the iCloud account. There you have to go to the settings and click on find my phone.

By doing this, you can locate your phone anytime you want.

Now, if you want to track your lost phone location, you have to go to the iCloud website.

You have to log in to the website so that you can use your cloud account.

Moreover, you can then click on find my phone to locate your device.

You need to choose your device from all the devices.

Now you will get the accurate location of your lost phone.

Mobile Phone Number Locator

Mobile Phone Number Locator
Mobile Phone Number Locator

If you have nor enabled the security features on the phone, you can use this method. Here, you can track the location of the phone by using the phone number. It is a free location tracking app. This app is only meant for android phones. You have to enter the phone number and click on search to get the location.

The location will be displayed with the help of 3D Google Maps. You can easily follow the location. Now, if you lose your phone or if it gets stolen, you can use this number locator to find the location of your phone.

Try Phone Number Locator at:


These are the four ways by which you can track the location of your lost phone. You can use any of these apps and tools. Some apps are specific to phone types that others support multiple phones.

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