How to Spy on Your Boyfriend without His Permission

How to Spy on Your Boyfriend without His Permission

Out of every ten girls, six spies on their boyfriend to know if they are cheating on them. A cheating boyfriend is a very common thing in today’s time. There will be many reasons in your life spy on your boyfriend.

If your boyfriend is acting strange around you are if they are lying for every small thing, there is a chance that they might be cheating on you. Boys tend to date multiple girls at the same time. It is not only morally bad but insulting.

If you want to know what your boyfriend is doing behind you, you need to soy on them. There are many ways in which you can clearly follow your boyfriend.

In this post, we will show you ways to spying on your boyfriend. The spying will be done in a secret way so that you don’t get caught. He will never know that you were spying on him in the first place.

Signs of a cheating boyfriend

Here are some signs of a cheating boyfriend. If your boyfriend is showing all these signs, you need to start spying on him immediately.

  • Late: A cheating boyfriend will always be late for the date or any other plans. They have to manage the time between you and flirting with other girls.
  • Busy on Phone: He will be constantly busy on his phone and hide things from you. He will never share his phone password with you.
  • Less Interest: Your boyfriend will start showing less interest in you. He will ignore you or avoid you and lie to you.
  • Social Media: He will stop uploading pictures with you on social media.

Spying on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

Spying on Your Boyfriend's Phone
Spying on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

The best method to know the truth is by spying on his phone. People tend to hide all their secrets on their phones. You can spy on his phone to know if he is having an affair or cheating on you.

However, you cannot directly use his phone as he will stop you and fight with you. You need to do it without his permission in a secret way.

To spy on his phone in a secret way, you can use a spying application such as TheTruthSpy. These apps are specially designed for spying on the phone. These apps work secretly. It works in a hidden way and keeps your identity guarded.

There are many types of spying apps available in the market. Some apps support only android spying while others support the iPhone. You need to use the app, which is compatible with his phone.

After that, you need to check the features of the app along with the price. Choose an app that suits all your requirements. Once you choose the app, you can start with the setup.


Steps for spying on iPhone

Steps for spying on iPhone
Steps for spying on iPhone

These steps are only meant for the iPhone. Use these steps if your boyfriend has an iPhone.

  • Sign up

The first step is to sign up. You have to open an account. After you choose the spying app, this is the first step. To create your spying account, you have to go to the website at and use the sign-up option.

  • Phone Details

Here, you need to enter the details of his phone. You need to choose the type of phone and enter the model number.

  • Payment

If the app is paid, you need to make the payment. You can choose any subscription plan. You can also go with a free trial to choose a free spying app.

  • Enter His Apple Id

In this step, you have to enter the apple id in the cloud panel. Before you enter this, you need to check if the backup is on. If it is connected with the id, then only you can spy. You need to know his apple id to use this method of spying.

  • Login

After you have set up the app and connected the id, you can log in to begin tracking your boyfriend’s mobile.

Steps for spying on Android

Steps for spying on Android
Steps for spying on Android

These steps are only meant for Android. Use these steps if your boyfriend has an android phone.

  • Download

First, you have to download the app on his phone secretly at Enable sources and download the app.

  • Install

After the download is done, you have to open the file and install it on his phone.

  • Sign up

Now, you need to open the app on his phone and use the sign-up button. You have to create an account. You will use this account for spying.

  • Hide

In this step, you need to close the app and hide it in his phone.

  • Login

Now, you can simply log in to the account at for spying on him. You can check all his activities and know the truth.


This is how you can spy on your boyfriend. You can do it secretly without his permission.

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